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Volunteering: A Path to Attain Nirvana?- Pri.

"That moment when you forget that you are volunteering to help change lives because it is changing yours…"

Volunteering is reaching to the right people on time, with possible services with a true heart of giving. Let alone the rest of expectations, rather see the changes that you trigger as a ripple. When small drops of changes start to collect, often we realize the magnitude much later, not knowing how everything happened and fell-in-place. Ability lost is like being in a place of slaughtered state that is no good than being an object. All the roads to knowledge lead to the place of rebirth; to share to multiply. When in a state of object, so to is necessary to recover the lost knowledge and bring it to the place of rebirth. One such great cause is offering to be a Guru to change the lives of much needed young citizens. Molding the clay when wet (young) is easier than trying to mold the same when dry. Much can be done to shape young ones and to nurture them to be great humans.

I have been volunteering online for a while now. I found eVidyaloka on , knowing their cause, I instantly felt drawn to it. I loved every moment of working with them. I initially registered for the volunteer teacher opportunity. But, due to the timing constraints (In terms of time zone, as the classes are conducted during Indian school hours) I could not commit confidently to the role. Being a teacher means that we take responsibility of a class for at least a term, so then I decided to do Content Writing. I love the fact that I learn something new, every day. With every assignment of lessons I was confident that I could do more. It is a very refreshing experience, especially for someone like me who has lots of time. It feels great to work knowing that my time is put to best use.

Evidyaloka connects volunteer teachers to children in remote villages to provide quality education. Below is an introduction for those who want to know more about them. I recommend anyone who can afford the time to look into this genuine organization.

"eVidyaloka is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on transforming the educational landscape of rural India. Registered under the Trusts Act, the organization creates digital classrooms for children in remote villages, with the support of local communities and Volunteer Teachers from across the globe. With standardized lesson plans and teaching aids for a consistent learning experience, the children from government schools receive e-quality education for a promising & rewarding future."

Their Vision: To create a knowledgeable & empowered rural India through quality education.

Their Mission: Connecting passionate volunteers with children in remote villages of India, to provide quality education.

They have about 839 teachers involved, 7,125 Children benefited so far and they have conducted about 23,611 Online Classes.

I feel honored and blessed to have found eVidyaloka. I sincerely thank them for having recognized me as a Content Volunteer Champion for the year 2017. Being locked-in on a Dependent Visa can be haunting and depressing all at the same time. Volunteering is something that keeps me alive here, eVidyaloka has truly liberated me emotionally and mentally. The feeling that my work is being used by others, gives me a sense of inner-peace. It has been a win-win situation for me, I have gained more compared to what time I spent working. 

Joy of Giving, Love of Sharing; Nirvana Personified! 

You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you 
give.”~ Winston Churchill

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Is Relationship between Dad and Son sweet? - Aish


Vyas was a very ambitious boy from childhood. His father would compromise nothing for studies. Dad felt that "One would be respected only because of his Education."
Dad was so strict that both Vyas and his sister Vaibhavi would get scared of him and always hold a book while dad is at home. Dad wanted everything to be perfect, so to get that would yell and make the things get done. Dad had thought that to make things right, this is the only solution. If you want a kid to listen, be strict was Dad's view.

Mom was very calm and patient, she would never utter a word against Dad as she knew Dad was a great pillar for all. Dad gave his full support tomom in making their kids shine apart foem education. Vyas was a State level Tennis player while Vaibhavi excelled in Vocal.

Gradually, board exams arrived, it was 10th board for Vaibhavi and 12th for Vyas.

The day of results approached, Vyas feared a lot for his marks and Dad's tensions knew no bounds. To everyone's amazement both Vyas and Vaibhavi scored very well. Dad's happiness had no words as Vyas got admitted in one of the prestigious institutions but very far from home. Vyas could see the other side of his Dad for the first time when dad bid farewell with tears intact in eyes. But slowly distance made him realize less about the love and affection of his family.


Friends became his soul companions and only reliable source, building a wall
towards his family. When Vaibhavi questioned about this distance, Mom and Dad freezing their emotions made up stories saying, "After a certain age, boys would move on with friends" or Mom saying, "Just like your Dad, not knowing how to express his love".

Vaibhavi sensed more seeing Vyas out with his friends, talk to them through phone even when he had come for a month's vacation..Getting anger for silly reasons, finding mistakes for petty things and of all those, showing displeasure for whatever Dad does. A New Vyas, a friend for his friends, neither a brother nor a son.

Vyas who feared for the stern actions of his Dad now could not even tolerate a polite objection too. Many a times, Vaibhavi would make things cool between her father and brother. But that was the age of hasty decisions. Vyas wished to move farther and thus ended up settling in Overseas after his Masters there.

Vaibhavi was shattered when she got to know that, her brother who once shared simple talks with her had not uttered a single word about his marriage plan with the girl of his choice. Vaibhavi still could not turn herself to stone when Vyas made a video call from abroad. Mom felt exceptionally happy with her children's true love when she saw both with tears of affection as Vyas apologized to Vaibhavi.


Both Vaibhavi and Rashmi were Pregnant. Vaibhavi with her husband Rishab settled in Canada while Vyas with Rashmi got settled in London. Since Rashmi's mom was no more, Mom had to take up the responsibilities for both of their deliveries. Mom and Dad together went to different continents. Both felt that Rashmi is highly educated as she too studied in the same college of Vyas and is equally earning. So they used to tell Vaibhavi to learn more from Rashmi. This did not go down well with Rishab but was very smart not to open up.

Vaibhavi was that girl who thought that words out of haste always leads to distance in relationship and fortunate was she to get a life partner with same thoughts.
With a heavy heart Mom and Dad had to leave 3 months old Ved in Vaibhavi's hands and move to London.

Landing there, Mom and dad never missed to have a video call with Vaibhavi and see little Ved grow. Not much they knew that this affection fell prey to Vyas.

Vyas and Rashmi felt why not they be given the same importance; little did they know that they both were always praised to Vaibhavi. This drift slowly augmented and finally when Dad casually poked Vyas with words, he burst out all that he had concealed for ages. "Was I given any love that I asked for? Was I treated kindly? When I turn to my childhood, I could not feel any sweet memories..Why?" Heavy tears started rolling down from Dad's eyes while Mom could not control her weep.

Both understood that his comparison with his sister has nothing to do but his yearn for the love had made him speak when he affectionately answered Vaibhavi's phone call.

With all those words spat out, which he had locked up for years Vyas left the place feeling an ease at heart. The next few days passed on with silence except for 2 months old Vansh's sounds.


Dad was busy reading a book when Vyas entered the room and sat beside Dad. Placing his head on Dad's lap just as he did before Dad bid his first farewell leaving from his College, Vyas apologized with tears uncontrollable, understanding that Dad's way of care may be different but the sweet emotional bond between them never changes.

Dad lifted him up with tears and for the first time hugged Vyas with all his affection symbolizing all the years of love and felt proud that his son was the same little hero!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

On a snowy day (A Children's Poem)- Pri.

Here is a Children's poem!😍

On a snowy day, I play...

Everything is so cold and icy.
I wish to have soup, warm and spicy!

I walk with my dad, outside, to play with snow,
I hope the sun does not shine to make it flow!
I hope the wind does not come through now, to blow!
My hands are freezing, I do not want to go.

My snowman is fluffy and frosty,
I love his big smile, oh so mighty!

On a snowy day, I play...


The Symetrelle is an enchanting ten-line form created by Julie Moeller, writing as Bluejewel on the website.

It begins and ends with the same subject line of seven syllables. Then an enveloping set of mono-rhymed couplets leads into and out of the main content with lines of nine syllables. The main body is a mono-rhymed quatrain (four-line stanza) with eleven syllable lines.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Ten Basic Hatha Yoga Poses for Beginners- Pri.

Nice post Aish! Good to know some ways to easily care for feet.😊

Yoga is relaxation of body, mind and soul. When done regularly, body becomes more flexible and strong. Eventually, the technique helps in weight-management and helps to be grounded spiritually. Here is a quick guide for beginners to do a ten-pose Yoga session.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

1. Stand with feet together and relax your shoulders and let your arms lose at sides.

2. Raise your arms slowly as you inhale bring the palms facing each other.

3. Reaching towards the sky hold the posture for a few seconds.

4. Exhale, bring your arms down slowly.

5. Repeat Tadasana a few times to warm-up your body.

Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

1. Keep your feet hip-width apart and stand straight.

2. Inhale as you extend your spine.

3. Exhale as you bend down and try to touch your toes without bending your knees.

4. Relax shoulders and hold the pose for few seconds.

5. Inhale as you stand up.

Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

1. While on your hands and knees, inhale as you put your fingers flat on the mat getting ready for the pose.

2. Exhale and lift your knees off the floor pushing the mid-section of the body upwards.

3. Try and keep the feet flat pushing to the ground.Hold the position for a few minutes.

4. Inhale and release. Put your knees slowly on the floor.

5. Relax then repeat.

Plank (Chaturanga)

1. While on downward dog pose, when ready for the transition, inhale and lower your body curling the toes and bending elbows.

2. From head to heels the body is in the same level. Hold the position for few seconds.

3. Exhale and lie on your stomach putting the head on one side and relax.

4. Repeat the pose as needed.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

1. After the Plank pose, while on your stomach place your arms under your shoulders.

2. Keeping elbows close to your upper-body, inhale as you extend the spine pushing using the palms. 

3. Keep ears away from your shoulders and lengthen your spine look up the ceiling.

4. Exhale and relax, lie on your stomach putting the head on the other side.

5. Repeat as needed.


Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

1. Stand with your feet together and arms relaxed on your sides.

2. Inhale, slowly shift your weight on to one leg, lift the other leg and place the foot on the inside of the thigh. Move your hand in prayer position in front of your chest. Exhale and find the balance.

3. Inhale, bring the arms up towards the sky palms facing each other. Hold the position for a few seconds.

4. Exhale and release the pose.

5. Repeat on the other side.

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

1. Stand with legs about 4-feet apart turn right foot 90 degrees and left foot slightly inwards.

2. Inhale, raise arms parallel to the floor opening-up the chest and stretching the right arm towards right side.

3. Exhale. Extend the arms, look towards your right fingertips.

4. Inhale, extend and tilt the body bringing right arm down to touch inside of the right feet and left arm reaching the ceiling.

5. Hold the posture for few seconds, exhale and release. 

6. Relax. Repeat on the other side.

Seated Twists (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

1. While on a seated position extend your legs flat on the floor.

2. Put the right foot on the ouside of the left thigh crossing over.  

3. Put left arm on the outer side of the right knee and elbows touching the thigh.

4. Inhale,twist the body towards right and gaze behind.

5. Hold the position for a few seconds, exhale and release.

6. Repeat on the other side.

Bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

1. Lying on the back, put the arms on the sides, feet flat on the floor and knees bent positioned up towards the ceiling. Or keep the knees unbent for a more advanced pose.

2. Inhale, move the heels close to the glutes preparing for the position.

3. Clasp hands below your pelvis or hold your hips for support. Pressing the feet and palms lift your body up bringing chin to chest. 

4. Hold the position for few seconds.

5. Exhale and relax. Repeat as needed.


Corpse pose (Shavasana)

1. Lie on your back, arms relaxed by the sides and feet facing outwards forming a relaxed "V".

2. Palms face upwards and arms do not touch the body.

3. Spine lies flat on the mat.

4. Take relaxing breadths closing your eyes.

5. After a few minutes when ready slowly roll towards your right, take a few seconds before coming to a seated position.

And of course, keep hydrated! Feel your body, mind and spirit centered and refreshed. 

10 Best Home Cures for Pedicures - Aish

Wonderful to explore the mighty waves resulting the prodigy of doom ; penned up very well as a poem Pri!!

Be it Summer, Winter or any season we name, the most used as well affected body part equally to our face is our feet. But the reality is, the more we care for our face we tend to ignore our feet. Normally, we feel why spend money to one's feet when we conceal it with shoes or sandals and due to this we get sore feet, cracked heel or nail fungus. 

To avoid such infections, spending hugely for spa and travelling to salon ; why not sit at home, relax, try out natural pedicure for our feet and feel the wonders!!

In the field of dance, performances on different places with varied surfaces are customary. 

Thus being in this art form for years made me discover these natural pedicures by unwinding at home free from travel hassels.


1. Mix Rice flour with honey and apply on the feet. Rice flour exfoliates the skin well while honey acts as a skin toner.

2. Apply Vaseline on the feet and wear socks before heading to bed. Made out of petroleum jelly, Vaseline helps preventing clogs in pores.

3. Soak feet in the warm water mixed with salt and lemon, the best result for fine feet. The citric acid in lemon and salt help in cleansing the deep pores in skin.

4. Soak feet in warm water added with rose water and glycerin. Glycerin helps in cell maturation and retains the smoothness of skin while rose water acts as an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce skin irritation.

5. Soak feet in the soapy water and then scrub with the pumice stone to get the glowing feet. Pumice stones are used for removing dead skin and calluses around feet.

6. Better to wear socks or slippers when at home if not wearing shoes indoors.

7. Before heading to bed get a bottle of warm water and roll it up on the bed to help oneself feel the warmth on bed.

8. Each of us do have a moisturizing cream which after its use or is about to get over before it's date of expiry. Prior throwing it, apply on the feet to get a moist feet clean and toned.

9. Soak feet in the warm water with vinegar added to it. The acetic acid in Vinegar helps in reducing nail fungus. 

10. Not many homes are with hot bags to eliminate cramps or pain in legs. A gentle rub on the pain with a warm water filled glass bottle helps in reduction of pain and acts as a smoother.

Also try out facial beauty with natural ingredients from Home-dwelling-beauty-kits-Aish and get rid of Winter soreness by sneaking into Amazing-natural-winter-therapies-Aish

These handy tips for Pedicures help us get our lovely feet back..Not necessary to cover up too much then on..


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The prodigy of doom (A Tritina Poem)- Pri

Interesting Aish! Lovely way to spend time with kids while encouraging them to be creative. Well done.😊

I am sharing one of my poems that was published in Authors Haunt Ocean Anthology 2011.

The prodigy of doom 

Raging ocean, massive and mighty
provokes magnificent vigorous waves 
that portend destruction; to warn.

As violent dark clouds bound and warn,
threatening thunders sound mighty,
lightning strikes stretching to waves.

Rapid raindrops fall to raise giant waves,
monstrous rash whirlwind blows that warn,
Raving birds in dreadful sky fly, so mighty.

The prodigy of doom; mighty waves warn!   

Form: Tritina 

The Tritina is the little brother to the Sestina. Instead of end rhymes, each stanza uses three specific unrhymed words in a specific sequence at the end of the lines. The following is the sequence in which you will use those three end-words for the first three stanzas:

The final stanza will use all three words in order, ABC, at the end of the line.  

Sunday, 17 December 2017

How to Make a Doll dress! - Aish

Having Girls at home is fun, innovative and think out of box! My two girls often make me think more and creative..We three together made two beautiful barbie dresses just with cloth, scissors and our creative hands!!

Kids love to spend time with their toys and dolls by creating stories and like to narrate them to us. Of course would love if we grown-up join them by guiding them creatively and innovatively..

Let's try out at our home this simpler way of dressing up dolls.

10 Minutes Doll Dress up with No-Sew and No-Glue

Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 
Materials :

1. Any cloth (even old or worn out)
2. Scissors
3. Pencil 
4. Small plate.

How to Make a skirt in four steps :


Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 

1. Place the plate on the cloth and Mark the boundary with a pencil, then cut it as a circle.

2. Now fold the circle first into half, then again into another.

3. Cut a small portion from the tip of the folded circle.

4. Pull up the cut portion till the waist of the doll.

Doll's Skirt is ready! 

How to Make the top in three steps :


Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 

1. Cut a little broad vertical piece from the cloth according to the doll's length till waist.

2. Cut both the edges of the cloth in the middle to a certain length.

3. Place the cloth in the frontand the the two edges at the back.

Doll's top is ready!


● Just cut a thin vertical piece of a cloth and tie around the doll's neck..A pretty scarf is ready!

● Take another thin vertical piece of cloth and tie around the waist..A lovely belt is ready!
Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 

A Perfect Treat for Kids! Do try this lovely, creative jewel for your kids along with their help, they would love forever!!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Selfless Authenticity- Pri.

(Equip with self-dogmatic resources recreating avenues for reasoning and re-altering decisions)

Ability to educate oneself is the right way to end obsolete knowledge and enunciate ways to refer. Owing to the essence of clarity that enumerates access to relevant information is what is affirmative. When there is what is known as authenticity is when one reaches the core. Road to recovery is the path that leads to the ultimate destination of love and affection. Knowing that it is not acquisition of wealth that makes you rich, but it is the acquisition of understanding of existence that makes you rise above all is realization. The following are ten instances that we apply some highly interceptive ideas to relieve ourselves from being caught-up in illusive worldly life.

  1. When routine feels like there is no passion or purpose:

Routine must feel like calming river flow, when not felt close to this then it needs a change or revamp. Change brings new perspective and this could lead to loving the routine.

  1. When love feels heavy and overpowering:

Love is supposed to make one feel light and empowering. If not, acknowledge the blocks and analyze the outcomes. Looking inside to clear any blockages or unsolved issues might open-up and release fears and negativity leading to joy.

  1. When laughter becomes robotic:

Laughter is the release and expression of joy and excitement of inner-child. If there is no innocence in laughter then the core essence is lost. Awaken the child-like enthusiasm in you to understand life to the fullest.

  1. When life feels empty beyond existence:

Life feels like nothing when interests are buried-in and social requirements are sought after. Live to satisfy your soul-requirements to break free from the arresting boundaries of this materialistic world. This might tap open the faith in you.

  1. When trust and faith seem very meager:

Trust and Faith exist where there is Positivism and Empathy. Start by trying to help others and feel the gratitude to enliven your own dormant optimistic beliefs. This might bring agreement between your own mind and heart.

  1. When agreement involves tremendous arguments:

In the world of co-existence it is utmost important to value agreement, though it involves exchanges of thoughts, oppositions and ideas. When these arguments take a new level of competence there is no solution to be found. Try to surrender , forgive and forget even if you are right. Sometimes, this act of surrender could change the perspective of the opponent in a while.

  1. When forgiveness is enveloped in ego:

Forgiveness is meant to be openly flowing from heart, encompassing it within ego complicates everything in life. Let go and peel off the ego to unravel your true-self.

  1. When beliefs are questioned ruthlessly:

Beliefs are essential tonic for enhancing dull and exhausted minds to seed positivity. Questioning to get the purpose of beliefs is knowledge, but if the questions are meant to break the foundation so as to prove the greatness of self then it becomes intellectual abuse. If you are the one abusing, step-back and empathize. If you are being the victim then self-love will bring out your inner-confidence.

  1. When self-love is materialized:

Self-love is a powerful soul-reviving ingredient to achieve life altering realization. When it is materialized, the whole concept of peace is ridiculed. You cannot buy self-love, you can only see it within yourself. Stop and reflect to find your true authentic self.

  1. When truth and authenticity are not known to be normal:

Truth and authenticity are the purest forms of existence, it is supposed to be perfectly normal. When not perceived as normal then it is time to be fearless and expressive.

This leads to the ultimate road to recovery from the delusive enticing worldly stagnation.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

MUDRA : Asamyuta Hastas - Aish

BHARATANAYAM is a combination of BHAVA / ABINAYA (Expressions), MUDRA (Hand gestures), ADAVU (Leg tappings), TALA (Rhythmic beat) and MUSIC.

NATYA SHASTRA deeply describes the integral beauty of Dance in Sanskrit as; 

"YATO HASTA STATO DRISHTIHI" - Where the hand moves, the eyes follows

"YATO DRISHTIHI STATO MANAHA" - Where eyes move, the Mind follows
"YATO MANA STATO BHAVAHA" - Where the Mind is, there evolves the Feeling
"YATO BHAVAHA STATO RASAHA" - Where there is Feeling, there is Divine Appreciation (Aesthetic Bliss).


Hand gestures are essential in a classical dance as they for the part of expressing each tone of music. In Bharatanayam, Hand gestures are used both in NRITTA and NRITYA

Mudras are categorized as SAMYUTHA HASTAS (Double Hand gestures) and ASAMYUTHA HASTAS (Single Hand gestures).


Hand gestures expressed in one hand only, commonly known as EKA HASTA MUDRA. Let us have a look at how to perform these gestures and their representations.

1. PATAKA - Flag

Technique : All fingers together in an upright position.

Representation : Stop, River, Threatening, Bless, Month, Year, Taking Oath, Denial of objects, One's Self, Palm Leaf to write letters, Sleep.

2. TRIPATAKA - Three parts of flag

Technique : All the fingers in upright position with only the ring finger bent. 

Representation : A Crown, To apply Tilak, Flames of fire, An Arrow, A Tree.

3. ARDAPATAKA - Half flag 

Technique : All the fingers upright with both the Ring and Little fingers bent.

Representation : A knife, A Tower, Leaves, Both. 

4. KARTARIMUKHA - Scissors 


Technique : The forefinger and the middle finger are split with the little and the ring fingers pressed to the thumb. 

Representation : Scissors, Corner of an eye, Weeping, Creeper, Two different things, Lightning. 

5. MAYURA - Peacock

Technique : The ring finger bent to press the thumb while all other fingers are in upright position.

Representation : Peacock, Separating Hair locks, Applying Tilak,  Dispersing water, A Bird.


Technique : Perform Pataka Mudra but with the thumb separated from other fingers.

Representation : Half moon, Waist, Prayers, Hand seizing the Throat, Beginning.


Technique : The Fore finger is bent while all other fingers are upright like Pataka Mudra.

Representation : Drinking Nectar /Poison, Violent wind, Elephant's ears.

8. SHUKHATUNTA - Parrot Head

Technique : Perform Arala Mudra along with the ring finger bent. 

Representation : Shooting of a spear or an arrow, Way, Violent Mood.

9. MUSHTI - Closed fist 

Technique : The thumb holds all the palm the fingers closed together.

Representation : Combative position, Grasping objects. 


Technique : Perform Mushti mudra with only the thumb in upright position.

Representation : A Bow, A Pillar, Lips, Drinking, Act of Embracing, Manliness, What, Where.


Technique : Perform Shikhara Mudra with the fore finger bent to press the thumb.

Representation : Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, Holding flowers, Holding Cymbals, Milking Cows, Pull Hair locks.  

12. KATAKAMUKHA MUDRA is represented in two different variations.

Variation (a) 

Technique : Bring the forefinger and middle finger down touching the thumb while the ring and little fingers are split in upright position.

Representation : Preparing a paste of Sandal, Holding garland or necklace, Plucking or picking or offering flowers, Pulling the bow string, Offering Beetle leaves.

Variation (b) 

Technique : Perform Kapitta Mudra with the middle finger bent and extended forward while the ring and little fingers are split in upright position.

Representation : Woman, Lord Krishna's Flute, Anklets, Goddess Lakshmi, Arrow, Ornaments, Garland, Flowers.

13. SUCHI 

Technique: The forefinger is upright while all other fingers are pressed to thumb.

Representation : The Supreme Soul, The World, Threatening, Number One, There, Here, Silence, A Needle, Astonishment, Slim, Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra.


Technique : Perform Suchi Mudra with the thumb also in upright position.

Representation : Worms, Sprouts, Baby birds.


Technique : Perform Shikhara Mudra with the forefinger held straight.

Representation : Crescent on Lord Shiva, Face, Drops of Water, Holy Ganges, Measurement from Forefinger till thumb.


Technique : All the fingers are split in upright position but brought closer without any touch to each other.

Representation : Fruits especially wood apples, Ball, Egg, Sweets, Flower buds slowly blooming, Keep small morsels of rice, Bunch of Flowers.

17. SARPASRISHA - Snake hood

Technique : All fingers in upright position but with their tips bent a little to form a hollowed palm.

Representation : Snake, Hissing sounds, Offering water, Moving to and fro, Arms of Wrestlers, Hand Power.


Technique : All three fingers bent straight and not too low with the thumb and little finger upright.

Representation : Lord Krishna's Flute, Massage on legs, Lad or Kid, Calling the beloved, Deer's Head. 

19. SIMHAMUKHA - Lion faced

Technique : Both the middle and ring fingers are bent and stretched to touch the thumb while the fore finger and little finger are in upright position.

Representation : Deer, Rabbit, Face of Lion, Cow, Homa (Fire sacrifice), Animal munching.


Technique : Perform Padmakosha Mudra with the ring finger bent to touch the palm inward. 

Representation : Beetle nut tree, Lhily flowers, Coconut, Bells and Ornaments, Lakuca (Asparagus) fruit.

21. ALAPADMA - Bloomed Lotus or Flower.

Technique : All the fingers fully stretched without any touch to each other as if questioning why?

Representation : Full Body, Bloomed Flower, Fruits, Show Beauty, Facial Express, Village or Town, Separation,  Circular Movement, Why.


Technique : Perform Mrigasrisha Mudra but with the thumb placed on the bases of the three fingers while the little finger is upright.

Representation : Small portions / quantities, Sweetness, Affection towards kids or beloved, Grief, Astonishment, Oil and Ghee, Differentiation.


Technique : Perform Katakamukha Mudra but with only the forefinger bent inward.

Representation : Bee sucking Nectar from Flowers, Birds, Wing, Anger in eyes.

24. HAMSASYE - Swan's Beak 

Technique : Place the forefinger on thumb stretched down while the other three fingers are split in upright position.

Representation : Tying Thread, Period or Time, Draw a Picture, Light a Lamp, Auspicious Occasion or Festival, Homa.


Technique : Perform Mrigasrisha Mudra but with the thumb touching the other three fingers.

Representation : Procrastination, Slowly, Kin, Fame, Listen.



Technique : Movement of fingers by opening and closing of all the fingers touching together.

Representation : Number five, Anxiety, Offerings to deities, Wound.

27. MUKULA - Bud

Technique : All the fingers touch together at their tips.

Representation : Flower or Bud, Eating, Navel, Holding


Technique : Perform Kapitta Mudra with the thumb touching all the other fingers when the forefinger alone is bent.

Representation : Bird's head especially Rooster or Hen, Knock on door, A Calf.

29. TRISHULA - "Tri" in Sanskrit is Three and "Shula" is Spear.

Technique : While the little finger is bent down to touch the thumb, all the other fingers are in upright position ; Just like depicting Three and showing the weapon "Trishula".  

Representation : Number Three, Applying Ash on forehead, Holy Bilva Leaf for Lord Shiva, Holy Trinity - Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva


Technique : All the fingers stretched, split and bent without touching each other, .with the palm facing upwards.

Representation : Fire, Ball, Snow flake, Lotus, Heat, Light.


Technique : Perform Oornanabha ; depicting the paws of a Tiger.

Representation : Tiger, Demon, Narasimha Avatar, Ferocious. 


Technique : Perform Simhamukha Mudra but with the middle and ring fingers not touching the thumb to form a 'C' shape.

Representation : Dumro (Drums) of Lord Shiva, Head of an Animal, A Bracelet.

Each and every Mudra is performed with the Adavu, Music and Abhinaya to form the wonderful Dance "Bharatanatyam", the Indian Classical art.